Fire Damage

Fire Damage?  We Are The Help You Need To Survive Your Rough Time

An overloaded power circuit, an overturned candle, or improper handling of open flames; there are many different causes of a fire outbreak that can result in minor to significant fire damages to your home or business. Whatever the cause is, fire damage can be devastating. While you may have escaped bodily harm, the loss of your property and possessions is still heartbreaking. We understand the importance of this issue. That is why we’ll work closely with you, to make sure you are taken proper care. We don’t settle for less, so why should you? Years of experience alongside with the latest fire damage restoration methods Las Vegas has seen are there to ensure comfortable, healthy, and safe environment you live in. We are focused on helping you make this rough time a little easier to pass through, so we stand behind all our fire damage service commitments with guarantees.

Fire Damage in Las Vegas – Important Things Worth Considering:

  • The type of smoke that has caused the damage?
  • To what extent has the fire compromised your property?
  • Is it safe to be in the building?
  • The scope of restoration that is needed to make your building safe for residence again.

    Here where we can help:

Here Are Our Efficient and Fast Fire Damage Recovery Processes:


As certified and experienced professionals, we know exactly what needs to be done not only to make your home safe again, but also to restore it to its previous condition.


Following our inspection, we will begin cleaning. By paying attention to every small detail during this phase, we can ensure your home is completely safe for you and your family.


After your call we will start with a prompt inspection of your home. This allows us to identify the extent of your home’s fire damage, as well as potential health hazards.


Finally, we complete our job by repairing the damaged areas in your home, so when you resume living in it, it is as good as a new!

How Can We Help You Fix The Damages After Fire?

One of the major outcomes of fire disaster is odor. Odors are not only annoying, but they can indicate a bigger problem like the presence of contamination by germs, molds and toxic materials. We will determine the cause of odor and remove it. Using powerful thermo foggers that have the ability to sink into the deepest crack and crevice, our fire damage experts in Las Vegas will work to eliminate all traces of odor. If components are affected by the fire, we prepare all affected rooms or the masonry for the renovation. Depending on the extent of the fire damage and the previous extinguishing work, professional drying of the rooms may also be necessary – we’ll be glad to help in this regard also. 

Soot particles that are likely to adhere to walls, floors, ceilings or furniture, we’ll wipe, clean and sanitize these surfaces and restore them to their pre-fire condition.

Most importantly: to make sure your home is 100% safe, we focus our expertise on your HVAC system. The HVAC system is the main pathway for your home’s air flow. If it is dirty, that means you are breathing in all those dangerous microbes. So we scrub, clean and sanitize it to prevent that, thus ensuring you breathe clean and fresh air.

When the flames are extinguished, our work begins. In addition to the analysis and documentation of fire damage, we also initiate all necessary remedial measures.

Swift implementation of all emergency response measures
First aid care
Flexible and competent professional services
Thorough supervision by a dedicated and certified project manager with years of expertise and experience
Emergency fire damage repair service 24/7

Looking For Help With Your Emergency Fire Damage? 
We Are Ready To Help!

For homes and businesses of any size in Las Vegas, our services include:

Assistance with filing for insurance claims
Proper disposal of rubble and soot
 Thorough fire damage restoration and inventory cleaning
State-of-the-art technical equipment, with an ultimate goal is to recover everything we can
Fair pricing
While we hope that you never have to deal with a fire in your home or business, when fire does strike, we can help you conduct a successful fire damage recovery in Las Vegas – our tried and trusted expertise will help you avoid undue delays and expenses. Time is usually of the essence, contact us now!